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Team Size

Team Role



Project year



Level Designer

Multiplayer FPS (Unreal Tournament)



Unreal Engine 4

Project description

This is a multiplayer map for the deathmatch mode in Unreal Tournament made for a school project.

Main Responsibilities

Getting acquainted with the tools.

This project had a lot of first times for me:

  • First time working with an Unreal engine.

  • First time creating a level.

  • First time creating multiplayer shooter map. 

Research: Collecting references

Besides going on the internet I took the initiative to go out and do some research in person. I visited the State Archive for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning to look at the plans of different churches and cathedrals and visited a couple in person, including the Grote Kerk in Breda. I would use the pictures I took to inspire the shape, flow and look of the level.

Research: the game and its genre

Taking a look at the game made it apparent how important mobility is to traverse the level, dodge enemy fire​ or escape a dangerous situation. To properly use these mobility mechanics I needed to know the metrics. I created a gym that tutorialises the basic controls of the game while showing off the game's metrics and weapon damage.

 I also took note of several different play styles the players could have as well as the weapons, their placements and the balance thereof.  

Some small pictures I made of  the rushing, sniper and roaming playstyles and where a specific playstyle would have an advantage.

Placements: Weapons

  • The rocket launcher is put behind the stairs. Due to the narrow hallway the rocket launcher is in it is very powerful, but because of how short the hallway skilled or cautious players can easily escape. There is also the risk of players damaging themselves if they become to trigger happy with the weapon.

  • The flack cannon is outside in the square. The hallways leading up to it are great spots to use it, but players have to be careful not to be ambushed from the second floor.

  • The sniper rifle is on a second floor balcony. This position also provides a great overview of the center hall, which is the primary combat zone. Players who decide to stay have the risk of being shot in the back and have basically no cover, making it a risky spot to stay too long in.

  • The mini gun's versatility makes it a great back up option. It is placed close to the main combat zone of the center hall so that players who run out of ammo mid-fight can sprint for it open the possibility of a comeback.

  • The second pistol is not the most powerful of guns, but its location makes it a nice pickup for people who are trying to collect as many powerups as they can or are trying to get away from a sticky situation (Also dual wielding pistols is cool).


Although it is not the greatest level it was a huge learning opportunity for me:​

  • Got acquainted with the engine and learned how to work with it.

  • Each section of the level should have at least 2 entries and/or exits.

  • Players need to feel like they accomplished something. Therefore better pick ups need to be more difficult or riskier to get to.

  • Level flow needs to facilitate player movement.

  • Signposting is necessary so that players do not become confused or lost while playing.

  • I should use more pen and paper. The pictures aren't great and it is easier and faster to just draw a quick sketch. From this project on I started doing more sketches.

  • Levels should accommodate different playstyles and/or routes.

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