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Team Size

Team Role



Project year



Technical Designer
Level/Puzzle Designer

Unreal Engine 4



Puzzle Platformer

Project description

I am the eye in the sky is a first person puzzle-platformer where the player has to get to the end of a level by taking and giving special features from and to objects in the environment.

White is the default colour and does nothing.

Red moves objects vertically.

Yellow moves objects horizontally.

Blue  makes the player bounce off of objects.

Green objects breakable.

Main Responsibilities

Create and implement  the red colour functionality (moving an object up and down).

Create and implement a checkpoint system where players will return to set postions througout the game upon death

create left field puzzle

​In this puzzle the player will need to use the white colour. This colour is given to the player when a level resets and has no actual function. This colour had been unused before this puzzle.

In this puzzle the way forward is blocked by many moving blocks. The player has to use the white colour to freeze some of the blocks and create a way through the wall of yellow blocks.

Afterwards the player has to travel through a hallway and do some platforming until they reach the mastery section of the level.

The mastery puzzle contains each colour and their function. There are several ways to reach the goals using different colours, but each method requires different levels of timing, platforming and orientation.

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