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Technical Designer

Unreal Engine 4



Personal Project



Project description

The tool can be used by people to easily place and balance encounters in the level. The logic is very easy to expand upon if players want to trigger something after an encounter making this tool useful in more situations than just wave spawning.


  • Easily set up predesigned spawns or waves using datatables.

  • Spawn random enemies with weighted randomness.

  • Decide when an enemies spawn using wave and spawn intervals.

  • Create a list of set locations using any actor or have your enemies spawn on a random location within a customizable volume.

  • Ability to limit how many enemies can be active at the same time.

  • tweak all parameters from the editor using the details panel.

  • 100% done in blueprints.

  • Fully tooltipped and commented.

Main Responsibilities

  • Designing, implementing, and polishing the logic and workflow of the tool.

  • Creating easy to read code and expand with comments and tooltips focussed on user friendliness.

Drop the spawner in the level and access all parameters from the details panel.

Set up predesigned spawns or waves and their locations using datatables

WaveDatatable Example.png

Scale a volume to determine space for randomized spawn locations.

Fully tooltipped and commented

Press the button below to download and try out the project! If you have any feedback, please email me at

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