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Team Size

Team Role



Project year




Level Designer

Unity + Custom Tools

2020 - Present


KING Art Games


Project description

"Over 100 years ago the real Russian revolution came to a halt when the red forces won the final battles at the Krim, though the alternate history of 1920+ never has seen this kind of revolution until now." - Excerpt from the store description.

Rusviet Revolution is a DLC campaign consisting of four mission that tell the story of Olga and the Rusviet faction after the events of the base game. 

Main Responsibilities


No Signal

My first Level Design task at King Art was to be responsible "No Signal", the fourth and final mission for the DLC. It being my first task it came with some challenges:

  • This was my first level for an RTS game and particurarly the scaling was tricky to get right at first.

  • Using the studio's custom tools and using Unity again after a long time. It was not particurarly difficult to learn, but it was more time consuming than I expected.

Level Design

  • Created and iterated on top down layouts and block outs in Unity based on initial briefing and certain preset narrative and gameplay beats such as the mission's end goal and ending.

  • Iterate on block outs and initial cover passes using feedback from playtests.


Top down map of the level


Stylized screenshot of the level by Sebastian Gothe

Enemy/Encounter Scripting

  • Designed and scripted a system that would alter enemy actions based on timeframe, player's actions and ability to manage resources.

  • Balancing of enemy AI and scripted unit spawning.

  • Created new and unique behaviour and balance for the enemy to give the two enemy factions their own identity and playstyle.

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