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Team Size

Team Role



Project year




Level Designer

Unity + Custom Tools

2020 - Present


KING Art Games


Project description

"Over 100 years ago the real Russian revolution came to a halt when the red forces won the final battles at the Krim, though the alternate history of 1920+ never has seen this kind of revolution until now." - Excerpt from the store description.

Rusviet Revolution is a DLC campaign consisting of four mission that tell the story of Olga and the Rusviet faction after the events of the base game. 

Main Responsibilities


No Signal

My first task at King Art was to be responsible "No Signal", the fourth and final mission for the DLC.

Level Design

  • Created and iterated on top down layouts and block outs in Unity based on initial briefing and certain preset narrative and gameplay beats such as the mission's end goal and ending.

  • Iterate on block outs and initial cover passes using feedback from playtests.

  • Used the custom tools to stage characters for the different ingame cutscenes. 

Stylised Screenshot of the level made by Sebastian Gothe

Stylized screenshot of the level by Sebastian Gothe


Stylized screenshot of the level by Sebastian Gothe

Enemy/Encounter Scripting

  • At the early to mid stages of the map the AI could not work with some of the more unique enemy goals in the map. To fix it I used the custom scripting and sequence tools to design and script a system that responds to the player's actions and ability to manage resources. Later some of the scripting would be replaced by using new AI settings made by our AI programmer.

  • During certain points in the map the difficulty would increase if certain checks were made to prevent the player from steamrolling too early or raise tension.

  • Numerous iterations on the balance based on testing and feedback. As this was the final mission I wanted the challenge to be tough, but I also had to take into account the difference in player skill levels. Scripting checks and triggers during key moments identified with testing helped me tweak the experience.

  • The map has two enemy factions: One overbearing and large military force and another consisting of deserters and rebels. I wanted to differentiate between the two by only giving the military force access to the larger units as they would be more aggressive. I also wanted the rebel faction to have something different and special and was able to script them to dynamically build bunkers on key locations should it be safe to do so. This was the first time enemies would do this in the game and made the faction a little more unique while also supporting its focus on defense.


Project description

A classic real-time strategy game with an epic single player campaign, multiplayer & coop, set in the alternate reality of 1920+


Currently I am working on more exciting things for the game! Stay tuned for more in the future.

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